Our Innovations

Our technology platform and software applications are designed to solve business complexity.

We create bespoke experiences based on data, and automate the physical or digital workforce through machine learning and artificial intelligence. We are a provider of automation frameworks for a fragmented or distributed workforce, be it human, digital or robotic. We liberate data but are focused on data ethics for the new business economy. We are forward thinking problem solvers, designing for the user, customer, client or artificial interface we connect with.

Our Solutions

Our tools are designed for the fourth industrial revolution (data) for any business to have a level playing field, no matter what size or scale they have.


Our Unity platform provides a uniform way of interconnecting existing systems or architecture, faciliting harvesting of data in high volumes for business analytics and intelligence.

Virtual Assist

Virtual Assist (VA) is an application that simplifies communication for a range of industries. VA uses high definition voice and video capture in the field, to provide accurate, detailed information about worksite or client requirements.


Pulse is a pipeline aggregation tool for project management, providing search, mapping, visualisation and workflow integration. Built for the enterprise it caters for roles, permissions, security and authentication.

Quote Engine

Our dynamic quote engine can be adapted to any industry to meet structuring pricing, auditing, and compliance requirements. This tool can be abstracted to allow internal and external providers to price within an enterprise system. Using Catalogues, Price Books, Templates and dynamic data from any enterprise system, users can quickly become power estimators for their industry.

Our quote engine works on desktop, tablet, mobile, in both offline and online modes, allowing your staff, field operators, or distributed work force to price and delivery winning quotes.

Rich customisations for any industry can be achieved, and have been done for Commercial & Domestic Construction, Insurance, Field Management and Facility Management industries.

Vendor Management

Procure and manage your vendor network across any industry or deliverable service you engage with across your business. This powerful tool allows business to customise easily required data sets to do business, compliance information, resource capacity and contact details.

Vendor Management and integrates against our eco-system of applications and can API into any enterprise platform/s.

Vendor Management plugin creates a way to engage, track performance, measure cost metrics, and allows business to optimise their network of vendors to achieve the best deliverable outcomes.

Gantt Designer

Convert any quote, to effort, and schedule vendors accordingly, fast and seamlessly using our gantt designer tool. Visually model project jobs, dispatch work orders, and customise data sets across all stakeholders to cut through and deliver projects on time, every time.

Gantt Designer can be configured to model any contract SLA’s or KPI’s and visually present them to users of the platform, and assist in achieving deliverables, while monitoring the critical path of any job!

Vendor Toolkit

Turn your quotes, project schedules and work orders, into actionable items via our progressive web application framework. Dependant on your industry, this tool can be customised to meet industry requirements, legislative best practise, whilst controlling site time, cost and quality outcomes.

Vendor Toolkit becomes a dynamic push and pull request framework for communicating with your staff and external vendors, while data mining rich outcomes that relate to finance, location, and performance.

Data Skin

Using our Dynamic Forms engine, and the power of our mutable GraphQL framework, dynamically share rich form applications, online and offline, to any internal or external vendor within your enterprise.

With full permission controls, cascading form framework, and rich API integration, stand up applications to collect any form of data from the field, in real-time, into your existing system. Coupled with our reporting engine, turn these datasets into beautiful, graphic designed reports to be distributed to any party, or API’ed directly into existing data lakes.

One Click Publishing

Integrate our document publishing API into your suite of applications (or ours), to rapidly generate and publish, rich, graphic designed documents that can be signed, stamped, paid or commented on by your clients, customers, stakeholders or vendors.

This tool has been used for contracting, invoicing, document revision and stakeholder engagement across many industries. One Click Publishing can accelerate corporate governance and distribution of published assets to the public (or private) users.

Dynamic Pricing

Using rich, structured data, from our quote engine, users can quickly visualise buying rates, spot rates, and regional loading variances across their vendor pool.

Dynamic pricing provides any enterprise or business with scale, the ability to leverage their buying power, and hone their tenders, to win more business, and control their output costs.