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    Codafication's cutting-edge technology platform provides your company with a sophisticated set of applications that reduce risk, delays and costs associated with project management and distributed workforces.

What We Do

We create bespoke experiences based on data, and automate the physical or digital workforce through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our Tools

Our tools are designed for the fourth industrial revolution (data) for any business to have a level playing field, no matter what size or scale they have.

Our Frameworks

We are a provider of automation frameworks for a fragmented or distributed workforce, be it human, digital or robotic.

Data Exchange

We liberate data but are focused on data ethics for the new business economy.



Our Unity platform provides a uniform way of interconnecting existing systems or architecture, facilitating harvesting of data in high volumes for business analytics and intelligence.

Virtual Assist (VA) is an application that simplifies communication for a range of industries. VA uses high definition voice and video capture in the field, to provide accurate, detailed information about worksite or client requirements.

Pulse is a pipeline aggregation tool for project management, providing search, mapping, visualisation and workflow integration. Built for the enterprise it caters for roles, permissions, security and authentication.


Knowledge is powerDo more with your data


Codafication provides functional ways to harvest and collect data, integrate against any system - anywhere. We are focused on providing integrations and leading cloud platforms and first class enterprise systems.


Using the latest leading edge technolgies, and creating our own, we are able to innovate at extreme speed. We think outside the stack, leverage the collective consciousness of the web, and embrace emerging technolgies and industries.


Using the scalability, speed and breadth of the cloud, we automate the heavy lifting of any business be it across physical, digital or robotic. We believe that through efficiency gained via automation, as humans we can solve more creative and complex problems.


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