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    We’re Codafication: a globally awarded digital services and software company. We’re the innovators behind Unity, Crunchwork and Virtual Assist.

What We Do

We create software that enables digital transformation at scale. We specialise in cloud-based PaaS/SaaS products.

Our Tools

Our tools are designed for the fourth industrial revolution (data). We level the playing field so businesses of any size can transform and scale.

Our Frameworks

We provide automation frameworks for fragmented or distributed workforces. Whether that’s human, digital, or robotic.

Data Exchange

We liberate data but are focused on data ethics for the new business economy.


Unity allows developers to build and ship software in minutes, not months. In any language, on any database.

Crunchwork is an end-to-end project and business management platform. It’s the simpler way to manage everything, from anywhere.

Virtual Assist is a virtual triage tool. It’s secure, professional, and app-free video streaming for business.

Knowledge is powerDo more with your data


Codafication provides functional ways to harvest and collect data, integrate against any system - anywhere. We are focused on providing integrations and leading cloud platforms and first class enterprise systems.


Using the latest leading edge technolgies, and creating our own, we are able to innovate at extreme speed. We think outside the stack, leverage the collective consciousness of the web, and embrace emerging technolgies and industries.


Using the scalability, speed and breadth of the cloud, we automate the heavy lifting of any business be it across physical, digital or robotic. We believe that through efficiency gained via automation, as humans we can solve more creative and complex problems.

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